Cycling in The Hills – A Mindful Experience

Everybody needs a break from the monotonous routine. Travelling gives a new purpose to life. It makes us realise how little we know about the world. As we travel more, our perspective towards life changes. This state of awareness makes us happy and content. We learn to live in the moment and gain new experiences and memories. One realises the difference in one’s acquaintances and family when they are out of their usual environment and open to express themselves without being judged. That’s how new friends are made with people whom we have known for a very short period.

Mountain Cycling

With a world full of fascinating destinations choosing the perfect vacation spot can be challenging. The hills are a preferred destination by many. They are loved for their tranquil ambiance and wellness rejuvenating options. Cycling in the hills is a lifetime experience. It has been catching up as a new hobby to connect with health, nature and friends. It offers a whole new world to discover and also provides the added advantage of fitness. Knowing how to conquer the hills with cycling can make a big difference. The benefits are immense.

It is a good muscle workout, good for strength and stamina, even as a mode of transport it is quick and replaces the sedentary time spent driving motor vehicles, trams or buses with healthy exercise. With cycling one can breathe deeper and experience increased body temperature which improves the overall fitness level.

On weekends when you plan to drive your SUV to the hills, pack your bikes using bike rack for SUV, and stock your clear outdoor backpack which you can find here. Enjoy the serene environment ,feeling the breeze on your face as you paddle along the beautiful hill roads and forests gaining health and detoxing from the quotidian chores.