Keep your dining room chic with chair slip-covers and decor

One thing is certain today, everybody is trying to save money when redecorating their homes! We host a lot of dinner parties, so my dining and living room was on the top of the makeover list! My husband and I recently did a fairly large redecoration of our home and I used dining chair slip covers to help save on our expenses. 

I also used slip covers on two chairs and a sofa in my family room. I like them for so many reasons. One is that they give a room a fresh new look.  Another is that they’re easy to clean. Most are a 60% cotton/40% polyester combination that go in the washer and dryer and come out looking great! I chose what are called “Normandy full dining chair slip covers” for my dining room chairs. They’re a beautiful damask fabric and give the chairs an elegant, clean and crisp look. Now it’s definitely a pleasure getting out the “good china” and silver, softening the ambiance with a few scented candles and playing some soulful jazzy tunes on our bluetooth speaker in the background – It just brings it all together so effortlessly. Just a few small changes and interior purchases and we have a brand new dining room at a fraction of the price!

I got the idea to use dining chair slip covers from my sister who just redecorated her dining room. She chose a casual dining chair slip cover that has a tie in the back. She paid about $15 a slip cover and I paid about $11. You can’t beat that price!

There are lots of different slip cover manufacturers to choose from, and a lot of places to buy them. You can of course find lots of different chic dining room chair slip covers online. You can also find easy to follow directions for measuring your chairs to ensure that you get a perfect fit. A lot of the new dining chair slip covers are made of stretch fabrics which assure a close wrinkle free fit. And some slip cover designers now offer short dining chair slip covers which leave the legs exposed for people who prefer that look over the more common type of dining chair slip cover which goes all the way down to the floor. Variety is the spice of life!

I was amazed, when I started looking at slip covers, to find out you can get relatively inexpensive ready-made slip covers to fit just about any piece of furniture in your home – High back chairs, wing chairs and barrel chairs. You name it! You can also find sofa slip covers for every style of sofa. You can get a one piece sofa slip cover or separate seat sofa slip covers. A lot of online stores also offer decorative accessories such as throws and pillows. I got some beautiful grey ones, statement pieces, in 3 different shades. They bring a lot of depth to the couch, which I love!

If you’re interested in giving your home a face lift, and want to save money at the same time, take a look online at the wide selection of slip covers. I’m sure glad that I did!