Is Hand Crafted Furniture Making a Comeback

Is Hand Crafted Furniture Making a Comeback

There is something about hand crafted furniture that oodles character. The Victorian era saw a boom in furniture production. Unfortunately furniture items are mass produced nowadays. With mass productions comes a loss of character and loss of quality.

So, is handcrafted furniture making a comeback?

This is not such an easy question to answer, while antique furniture is classified as a collectible it is difficult to answer whether it is being revived in its original fashion.

With the invention of chalk paint there is a definite movement towards reviving collectible furniture and “modernizing it” Annie Sloan chalk paint can be applied to just about anything including fabric. If you would like to read more about her stuff you can click here

It is safe to say that the reviving of Queen Anne style furniture is in full swing and is by far the most popular. As stated earlier, chalk paint has made it easy to modernize older furniture pieces. They say you should never underestimate the effect a layer of paint can have.  A common trend at the moment is painting the bottom half of a table white or a light color and leaving the top dark. This look and feel is associated with a french classic look. Items that are making the biggest comeback are servers/sideboards, bedside pedestals, chairs and dining room tables.

Genuine farm styled hand crafted furniture (Often done with some sort of knife or big chisel) is also gaining popularity as feature furniture in rooms. Usually in the form of a feature table or a feature chair. This type of furniture tends to be bulkier and bigger and is often left in a raw wood look or sealed with a transparent sealer to maintain the natural look.

In conclusion we can confidently say that modernized hand crafted furniture is making a comeback and not plain Victorian or Queen Anne style furniture. We have also seen a big movement towards people incorporating solid wood furniture as use in bathrooms as

Their vanities. Mass produced flimsy cabinets are not always the best option and with a bit of hunting at second hand stores or op shops, you can pick up decent cabinets at a fraction of their price which are guaranteed to last for years to come ( as they already have)

We suggest investing the extra time and effort into restoring proper furniture. Their value will only increase with time and as stated, they are far more durable.