Lift With Your Legs, Not With Your Back!

Lift the weight
If you’re a DIY fanatic like myself then you’ve probably had your fair share of bruises, cuts and splinters to deal with over the years. Some minor injuries are almost accepted “occupational hazards” for the DIY enthusiasts and some even carry the scars as badges of honor. There are however a lot of injuries that are not to be taken lightly and we all know that safety comes first when it comes to working around the house. Whether it be power tools, electricity, fire or high objects – these all carry the potential to not only end your DIY hobby prematurely but also cause incredible pain and even death.

I recently stumbled upon one of these unexpected risks that we all know about but still ignore way too often – back injury. We all know to lift with our legs, not with our backs when picking up heavy objects and never to attempt to lift something that’s simply too heavy, yet in my rush to finish a gardening project a month I actually attempted to pick up 2 bags of cement and hurt my back.

I saw a doctor about it and luckily for me it seems like I haven’t done any major damage. She suggested I try some inversion therapy to release the stress from my back and stretch my lower-back area. I’ve been doing ti for just over 3 weeks now and the results are great. I ended up buying an Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table and, as a man who obviously loves his tools and toys I like this product a lot.

The Body Champ inversion table is one of the best inversion tables on the market, along with other portable and collapsible inversion tables such as the Ironman inversion table and the Teeter inversion table. Many of these devices have been developed to reduce and relieve chronic or occasional back pain due to stress and fatigue, which compounds the spinal compression that naturally occurs from day to day due to the Earth’s gravitational pull. Health specialists such as doctors, physical therapists, and other health professionals have treated back pain in many patients for years with devices such as the Body Champ inversion table.

The Body Champ works in similar ways to many of the top inversion devices being sold today, in that these are equipped to ease pressure on the patient’s spine, while simultaneously reviving and stretching core muscle groups and stimulating the better circulation of blood in many areas of the human body. Due to these results, tension and stress on the back and surrounding body parts are reduced, thus alleviating or eliminating back pain.

The Body Champ gravity inversion table operates on the concept of inversion therapy, wherein a patient or individual afflicted with chronic back pain lies down on the table. The table is then inclined, with the individual being safely supported, so gravitational compression and its effects on the spinal column and surrounding areas are mitigated or completely eliminated – the degree of relaxation provided the spine is directly proportional to the vertical of the table’s set angle.

Inversion therapy is one of the most holistic and highly effective methods of increasing space between spinal components, thus decreasing the effects of the pull of gravity on the discs and vertebrae of the patient. This allows the muscles, as well as the ligaments surrounding the spine, to loosen up and relax. Many clinical studies undertaken by reputable medical institutions and focusing on the benefits of inversion therapy have seen publication in popular medical journals. Scientific tests and testimonials have both proven that normalizing the spaces between the spinal discs brings relief from pain in the lumbar area and other adjacent regions.

The selection of the best kind of inversion table depends on the materials comprising the device. Of course, stability and structural integrity should be a factor in one’s decision, hereby necessitating that inversion tables be composed of heavy-duty industrial materials that can take on individuals of any shape, size, or weight; while being lightweight enough for ease-of-use and maneuverability.

An inversion table may be manipulated into different angles or positions, depending on the degree of compression the individual wishes to relieve. The affordable price of the table comes with numerous features that come at a steeper price with other models or brands, such as the inversion table part that secures the individual or patient to the table, hereby decreasing the likelihood of injury from misuse. It is also designed for a great degree of ergonomic support, which helps ensure that using the table for any inversion regimen is a comfortable experience.

Take care of your back. Prevention is better than cure. When working around the house, ask for help when the load is too heavy and yes, always lift with your legs… not your back!

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