What You Need To Know About Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

contemporary_kitchen_cabinets_naples_4If you’re looking to buy some modern, sleek looking cabinets then look no further as contemporary kitchen cabinets could very well meet all your requirements and that includes the price tag. With just a little research you could find everything from high-end to low cost cabinets. Looking at the market these days there is something for everybody. A lot of the overall designs in contemporary cabinets have features which resemble sharp but yet smooth curves, bold statements that meet the standards of even the biggest critics, not to mention clean lines and beautiful surfaces contrasted by the clever use of soothing natural lighting to bring out the best in contemporary cabinets.

Looking At The Cost

It is clear from the start that there are enough of a wide variety of styles to sooth every contemporary palette, so much so that you’ll be able to get that high-end look without flattening your wallet. Unlike custom home closet designs where plenty of energy is directed towards detail, focus is never lost on simplicity, organization and functionality blended with a good mix of sleek modern high-end design. Before setting out to buy any cabinets it’s important to set out a list that defines your likes, preferences, needs and budget. Failing to do this could cost you dear pennies so be careful.

Frame Or No Frame

While in design the look and feel in contemporary cabinets can be simple, various styles do include both framed and frameless cabinets, the result is mostly a dramatic statement in the shape of sleek uniform edges with a smooth finish. One feature that’s made itself popular with these designs are metal handles on the drawers that boast a slim and elegant feel, very simple to use plus the drawers have a modern ease-in catch that prevents you from slamming them shut and the same goes for the cabinet doors in some cases.

As mentioned previously it’s wise to make a list of preferences and requirements before making that final home design purchase. Many dealers and home depot’s will be more than happy to serve and aid you in making your choices. When consulting the services of a shop salesman or woman keep these in mind:

  • Ask for samples
  • Do you have large windows? Your colour scheme plays a pivotal role here
  • Do you live in a hot or cold climate? Types woods respond differently to temperature like expanding and shrinking
  • How big is your kitchen? Space plays a major role and if you limited available then whites and creams are recommended for the illusion of a bigger space
  • How will it be installed: contractors, diy, does the store offer this as a service?
  • How long will it take to install and remodel
  • Cost: The most important question. Value vs quantity vs quality vs low cost

Although it’s sometimes easy to look for stuff online it’s almost always better to view it in firsthand and talk with a real person face to face. Once it’s all finished and installed you’ll have contemporary kitchen cabinets that will look great for years to come.

Feel like Royalty With Black Kitchen Cabinets

Painting-Kitchen-Cabinets-BlackIf you’ve been distressed thinking about giving your kitchen an upgrade then installing modern stylish black kitchen cabinets is definitely not a bad move to make. Whether you’ve had them stained or painted either choice would look fantastic. Stained whitewashing with lime is out and black is in as today’s modern market trends show an increase in consumers demand for fashioning their kitchens with black cabinets. Of course some of you are thinking, isn’t black an odd colour especially for a kitchen? Well the answer is yes and no for the reason that black kitchen cabinets do look fantastic but you must take care when making your decision because this won’t work for just any house.

The most frequent reasons why black cabinets work are:

  • They look sleek and sexy especially if you have a lot of white already
  • Works great if you have large windows
  • Works even better if you have a large kitchen
  • They appear cleaner for longer because they’re black and it makes any damage or cracks hard to see

These are but only a few reasons why black cabinets look great but it also makes sense to do at least some research before proceeding with your choice, with reasons that’ll be disclosed in a bit. It’s true that black does flow well with white and cream tones, so using a good amount of that in your kitchen won’t give it that distressed cramped feeling, quite similar to installing contemporary kitchen cabinets.

Going For The French Look

If you love a natural look then hire professional French polishers and discuss with them what stained look you are going for. With the right stain applied your black kitchen cabinets can look amazing, and if done correctly it will bring out the best in the grain of the wood. Keeping that in mind contrast that with white or cream walls, tiles, marble and accessories then you’re left with a kitchen that will not only make you feel like a millionaire but will also increase the value of your modern property, as the future potential buyers would surely be impressed with the look and feel of your kitchen.

Alternatively there are some cons as to why you need to be careful when selecting black cabinets for your kitchen and it’ll be wise to consider the following:

  • If you don’t have a large kitchen you will definitely feel cramped and distressed
  • Do not paint your walls black as this will amplify the effect and make your kitchen appear smaller than it really is
  • Do not lay black tiles on your floor as this would also make your kitchen space look smaller
  • Be very careful in choosing your colours, it is recommended that using silver or metal surfaces will surely compliment the overall effect

With all these notes in mind you should be easily prepared to create an action plan in creating your dream kitchen fitted out with your new black kitchen cabinets that you can enjoy for many years to come.