The Right Ambience for Your Outdoor Living Space

Umbrella Patio

My Patio Area

The past becomes a texture, an ambience to our present. The line correctly describes why you need to set up an outdoor living studio. Life in close proximity of nature and with a fantastic ambience is much better, much productive and much cheerful. So, if you’ve been thinking about setting up a functional outdoor living space, you are on the right track.

When I set up a living area in my backyard, one of the first things I did was to install the best rated outdoor speakers I could find. I added a small metallic shed in the cabin overlooking my backyard and set up my outdoor wireless speakers to beautify the ambience. If music is not a priority for you, you can simply begin by installing usable furniture.

Umbrella Patio: Just like a rug adds elegance to your living room, an umbrella styles up your patio. It also saves you from the trouble of being under the sun on a hot summer day. Umbrella patio setups are available easily and you can also create your own if you have the time.

Lights: Late in the night when you wish to walk out for a cigar with Pink Floyd flowing through your headphones the open space, you would miss the lights. Use a tree or the walls to set up ambient lighting. You can get LED lights and set them up to either change colors and keep a constant color theme. This would also allow you to work at night in the open.

Fire pits: There is nothing like warming your bones besides the fire on a winter night. Fire pits can be set up easily. The DIY approach would have you dig a hole in the ground. The other option is to get one of those portable fire pits. The good thing about portable fire pits is that you can set it up at different places in your outdoor living space.

Pitcher: You would want to arrange for constant water supply and for the purpose, a very basic arrangement is to purchase a pitcher or a ‘matka’. Pitchers made of mud ensure that the water stays at a cool temperature and stays fresh for a long duration of time. Once in three days, you could make the refills.

Furniture: My initial plans of installing wooden furniture took a toss when I realized that watering the grass would mar the furniture I would like to install. The high quality wooden furniture was way too expensive and hence I simply installed plastic chairs of different colors to match to the lights and the ambience of the living space.

There is nothing better than letting the sounds of your favorite music flow when you’re taking a stroll under the moon or are enjoying a cup of coffee or are bringing your imagination alive on a canvas. The best thing about setting up outdoor living spaces is that you can personalize it as per your requirements. You can add to the furniture if you often have guests over. On the other hand, you can set it up like your own studio if you like to sketch or paint. The options are endless and you are probably going to face the problem of plenty the more you look for ideas.