Using Mold Resistant Paint Will Prevent Future Problems

Mold-on-ceilingSince one of the largest fears that a homeowner has is that their home will be overrun with mold, many homeowners opt to spend the extra money on mold resistant drywall to protect their investment. The first thing that must be mentioned is that even if you use this type of drywall and use mold resistant paint on your sheetrock, you can still develop a mold problem down the road. This material is simply harder for mold to get a good hold of and flourish. If you are in the market for mold resistant drywall be sure to take a look at all of your options since there are a number of reputable manufacturers out there.

Mold In The Bathroom

The majority of mold problems that people have begin in the bathroom. This is a reasonable thing since it’s the place that you use water the most inside your home. Most of the mold resistant items that are created are for the bathroom such as mold resistant caulk for shower, a special liner for the shower and even certain types of glue for the fixtures. Even though it is not a good idea, in our opinion, you can also get mold resistant carpet that can be used in there if you want.

Mold Resistant Drywall

When it comes to installing mold resistant drywall there are no secrets. You should utilize the same methods and steps to install it as you would if you were putting up standard drywall. If you are handy around the house you may want to try to save a lot of money and do it on your own. If you are not so confident in your ability to produce quality drywall work then you may want to hire a professional to do the job. The reason that this work has to be great, as opposed to some other stuff in your home, is because it is fully exposed to the people who come in. First of all, the drywall is easy to see and never really gets covered up with things that can hide problems. Secondly, it does not take a professional eye to see flaws in the work. Even the most inexperienced eye can see bad installation methods.

If you choose to install your own mold resistant drywall please follow these tips. Use the right tools. It may cost a few extra dollars to get some things you do not currently own, but it is money well spent. Use mesh or tape between boards so that you have a nice seam. Some people opt to fill the seam with compound and no tape and they just end up having to do the job over again. Lastly, go at your own pace regardless of how slow it seems to be. It takes less time to do the job once slowly than it takes to do the job fast the first time and then go back and fix all of the errors you made due to rushing yourself.